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Portrait vs landscape and general orientation?

All dimensions use the convention of first Vertical Height followed by Horizontal Width (HxW).

The orientation you see pictured on this website (and other places I may have posted it) is the intended (correct) orientation, but if you prefer to hang it a different way, to suit your space for example, there’s absolutely no problem with doing that. You can use the orientation of the signature and other labels on the back to remember the original orientation for that artwork.

Do you make any larger artworks? Where can I see those?

Please visit davidelitompkins.com for more sizes of paintings. If you see something you’re interested in that isn’t on terrapin-works contact me using the email form.

My larger paintings are often more creatively ambitious and are aimed at a slightly different audience in order to hopefully present them in the best light and fullfill whatever aims the artwork was made for. For those works you can visit my main website and contact me to see prices.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, if you would like to commission a painting or other item based on what is currently being sold please contact me and let’s talk about it. I can accomodate requests relating to color, theme, and size but I will require more autonomy for large size artworks.
Commissions are priced using a sliding scale. Please note that commissions are distinct from all other pricing you may see and will usually cost more.

Are you represented in a gallery?

I’m not currently represented but I am exhibiting. For updates on my actvities please follow me on instagram or check for updates on the main site.

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