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Shipping & Policies


You will receive an email confirmation with an order number and the list of items you have ordered imediately after checkout. Later you will receive a dispatch email including a tracking number when the order ships. Please allow up to two weeks for orders to ship after being placed. All orders will arrive less than two weeks from the date they are shipped.

Returns Terms and Conditions

Refunds are allowed only for artworks clearly damaged on arrival or if you have recieved an incorrect order. To be refunded for a purchase all artworks priced above 50 dollars need to be returned. Please notify me before you send the return package so that I know to refund you when the item is returned to the studio.

International Shipping

Please contact me if your delivery destination is outside of the United States. Though I plan to support international customers in the future, domestic shipping is simply much easier to manage at this stage.
For those that do request international shipping: please note that overseas delivery times can vary from country to country. Also for international shipping it’s important to include your phone number with your address so the dispatch service can contact you about your delivery.

Site Copyright

All images (with 2 exceptions: the “let’s decorate” page room image, and the Wikimedia commons Terrapin photograph by J.D. Willson) are the intellectual property of David Tompkins.

> © 2021 David Eli Tompkins >  Terms of Use: rights for digital reproduction are granted only with clearly visible credit to the artist, i.e. David Eli Tompkins instagram.com/terrapin.gradus. No other reproduction rights are granted without the express permission of David Eli Tompkins. No other usage is expressed or implied.